• Rohini Senthil

    Rohini Senthil

    Developer & Artist

  • Harish K

    Harish K

    Student, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham.

  • GanttPRO Gantt chart maker

    GanttPRO Gantt chart maker

  • Gayathri Kasilingam

    Gayathri Kasilingam

    Incoming MHCI+D student @UW. Move people > Move pixels. https://gayathrikasi.com

  • ThatOneSecGuy


    Red Teamer | Constantly attacking infrastructure, systems, applications (and humans) to make the Internet a safe and secure place for everyone (and everything).

  • Hitesh Bhatia

    Hitesh Bhatia

    Cloud Computing | AWS Certified | Solution Architect | Cost Architect | FinOps | https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhatiahitesh/

  • Schalavadi


  • Advaith M.S

    Advaith M.S

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